DICKIE is the latest outlet for Midwest songwriter/guitarist Dick Prall.  Designed to allow Prall to work within a band setting, while still keeping a foot within his solo-driven career, DICKIE is the collaboration of Prall, multi-instrumentalist/co-producer/engineer Tim King, and violinist Kristina Priceman.  The result is a collection of dark, gorgeous narratives for Prall’s fifth full-length release. Threaded with beautiful string arrangements by Prall and King, the record comes in bellowing like a newborn, but settles into a pace of dynamic ebb and flow, ending with a Roy Orbison-styled recount of hopeful love that never bleeds into the saccharine. Read more HERE!







MUSIC EXISTENCE ranks DICKIE best indie rock release of 2015. MORE INFO

DICKIE makes PLAY B SIDES Top 20 Albums of 2015. MORE INFO

- Jake Kussmaul from MUSIC EXISTENCE says, "Overall, Dickie is full of supremely crafted and masterfully executed tunes. Prall and Priceman exhibit a constant fluidity, and the listener able to capture the cohesiveness of a collaboration done right. They have the strength to contend with popular alternative acts of the day, and may stand out for having one of the finest debut albums of this year. Although nothing is for certain yet, the band has my vote, and will most likely find a wider audience who are willing to experience music straight from the heart." READ FULL REVIEW